For businesses

Individual recruitment

Your team is busy doing what they are good at...Let us help you with your key recruitments. We have a large network that brings a simple process yet very fast process.  Try us ! 

Massive recruitments

You have a large project in Québec or elsewhere, our team has the expertise  to recruit large number of people for different roles at the same time.  


We have sourcers that navigates trough the web in order bring you list of potential candidates for your openings. 


Vous êtes à la croisée des chemins avec vos ressources en recrutement. Nous sommes en mesure de vous offrir un service de consultation et d'analyse de votre fonction aligné à vos objectifs d'entreprises. 


Our team is ready to take your recruitment function under our wings, from the planning the needs to the onboarding

Talent looking for a change

Curriculum vitae

Job hunting

Our sourcers will track all the possible jobs in the market according to your profile and expectations. 

Interview training

Our team will guide you trough the interview process, revise your answers and prepare you for this important moment. 


Talent scouts

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